Andy Eschbacher
Data Scientist

Currently a senior data scientist at Premise Data where I build data science software and solve problems, often related to data collected from around the world with a location component. Previous to Premise, I did a short stint at Ipsos’ Risk Analytics Division where I worked on spatial data science and visualization for international development projects. Before this, I spent five years at Carto developing my skills in spatial data science and building a lot of prototypes. Previous to all this, I was a high school physics teacher and always dreamed of being a scientist.


I taught and created Geospatial Cloud Computing & Visualization at the MUSA program at the University of Pennsylvania. With a strong emphasis on data analysis in Python with SQL and PostGIS, students built web applications based on REST APIs built with Flask and (Jinja) HTML templates. The student-built web apps told data-driven geospatial stories often from an urban planning angle. Data was housed in cloud databases (PostgreSQL on AWS and Google BigQuery) fully managed by students.

Talks & Projects

I've given a lot of talks and done a lot of projects. Here is a small sample...