Andy Eschbacher

Andy Ash Tree Brook. Dad, husband, explorer. Fifty states visited. Former mathematical physicist who loves solving problems with Python, SQL, and math. Usually dreaming of my next bike or hike. Currently working as lead geospatial scientist at Ipsos in the Washington DC area.

Me on the rim of Waimea Canyon


honeymoon map
Map of honeymoon journey from Beijing, China to St. Petersburg, Russia
Projects covering work on coding, math, and maps. Includes projects like a Python package for interacting with CARTO's services, an effort to find the best place to live, and a program to teach the military phonetic alphabet.


Andy Eschbacher at FOSS4G Seoul, South Korea Sept 2015
FOSS4G Seoul, South Korea. Image by Jody Garnett
Presentations I've given at conferences, annual meetings, workshops at universities or bootcamps, and other educational work.