Andy Eschbacher
Data Scientist

Currently staff data scientist at Premise Data where I build data science pipelines and solve problems, often related to data collected from around the world with a location component. Previous to Premise, I did a short stint at Ipsos’ Risk Analytics Division (RAD) where I worked on spatial data science and visualization for international development projects. Before this, I spent five years at Carto developing my skills in spatial data science and building a lot of prototypes. Previous to all this, I was a high school physics teacher and always dreamed of being a scientist.


I created and taught Geospatial Cloud Computing & Visualization at the MUSA program in the Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania.

With a strong emphasis on data analysis in Python with SQL and PostGIS, students built interactive web applications backed by REST APIs built with Flask and visualized with Jinja HTML templates. The student-built web apps told data-driven geospatial stories often from an urban planning angle. Data was housed in cloud databases/warehouses (PostgreSQL on AWS RDS and Google BigQuery) fully managed by students.

Talks & Projects

I've given a lot of talks and done a lot of projects. Here is a small sample...

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